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With the VIP Pass you can forget about long rows and you will be able to choose your seat, aisle or window, travel seating next to your friends and relatives, pick the closest seats to exits or even opt for more spacious seats. Save time, be the first and live the VIP experience!

No more queues, save time!

Book your VIP boarding pass and you will be one of the first to board the plane and save the best seat. Bear in mind that VivaAerobus does not assign seats, and the service is limited to a given amount of passengers per flight.

Pase VIP with VivaAerobus, The Low Cost Airline Mexico


Avoid long lines of documentation by choosing the express line!

Use the Express line at check-in and document your luggage.
Besides, skip arriving 2 hours prior flight departure (know the advantages in more information).

Enjoy the advantages VivaExpress has to offer.
Acquiring VivaExpress no matter how many people are in the line of documentation you will be the first to check in your baggage. Important: This service does NOT allow passengers to arrive after check in has closed (45 minutes prior to departure time). This service is limited to a given number of passengers per flight.

Viva Express, VivaAerobus, The Low Cost Airline Mexico


Decide on how much luggage you want to travel with and save up to 80%.
For your piece of mind we have provided insurance for documented luggage. You can deactivate this service any time by selecting the More Information button.

When booking now have the option to increase the weight of your luggage from 15 to 25 kilos or if you prefer, add the amount of luggage you need.

Also if you travel with special baggage or sports equipment we recommend including them on your booking and you will save 80% to do it at the airport.

VivaAerobus can accommodate all of your travel needs, including the transport of certain special baggage items such as musical instruments or sports equipment whose dimensions and shape do not meet the customary baggage standards.

Customize your Baggage with VivaAerobus, The Low Cost Airline Mexico

A prepayment of the charge for the handling fees must be made in full at booking. Such transport will be made in the most cautious manner. Yet, given the fact that VivaAerobus is an airline with very short platform times, the base of this transport will be limited, namely, under the passengers own risk for damages and/or delays. The transportation of such items will be subject to space availability; therefore it is strongly advisable that passengers notify VivaAerobus in advance. VivaAerobus suggests passengers to hold an appropriate insurance to cover any related contingency. The insurance coverage is available for purchasing at booking.



Travel insurance, coverage on trip delays and cancellation and luggage loss.

Do not be exposed to incidentals, travel insured. You will be shielded from trip and flight cancellations, loss of your luggage, you will receive medical and legal assistance, you will be able to send urgent messages and even receive roadside assistance. Do not take risks, always travel protected.

Medical emergency assistance during your trip.

Do not put your trip at risk: any medical expenses related to accidents or disease during your trip and dental emergencies will be taken care of. Do not let incidentals ruin your trip.

Viva Insurance, VivaAerobus, The Low Cost Airline Mexico


VivaAerobus offers 3 types of coverage at affordable prices, customized to your travel plans and budget.

When booking your flight, do not forget to select your insurance with Mapfre


Viva Travel Protection - Cover yourself against flight delays, cancellations and total loss of baggage.

Viva Emergency Medical Protection - Cover yourself against emergency medical treatment during your trip.

Viva Baggage Protection - Protect your checked-in baggage contents against loss or theft.


When you book your flight, select and add the SMS service and receive your reservation number and itinerary on your phone.

Take your flight information with you to expedite documentation during check-in.

Viva SMS, VivaAerobus, The Low Cost Airline Mexico



We offer our own ground transportation service to and from the city and airport. Ride with us and save up to 80% off the cost of your transport.

VIVABUS, VivaAerobus, The Low Cost Airline Mexico


VivaAerobus offers ground transportation booking service upon flight reservation. VivaAerobus offers no liability whatsoever arising out of the services provided by ground transportation operator.

Find public transportation from the airport to your hotel in the following destinations:

Ground transportation VivaAerobus, The Low Cost Airline Mexico
  • Acapulco
  • Veracruz
  • Puerto Vallarta
  • Culiacán
  • Los Cabos
  • Tuxtla Gutiérrez
  • Huatulco
  • Cancún
  • Puerto Escondido
  • Riviera Maya

Flexi Pass!

Having a bad day? Acquire our Flexi Pass and forget about that!

Our Flexi Pass Service, was created thinking about you, and all those passengers who live they day by day with a complicated agenda and with indefinite flight schedules.

Acquiring this service, our passenger now can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Forward your flight in the same origin and destination without paying difference in fare.
  • Delay your flight in the same origin and destination paying only the rate difference.
  • In case of being late and not reach your flight, now you have 4 hours after the lost flight to switch it to the immediate next flight on the same route origin and destination. (In case of exhausting availability of seats alternative destinations may apply on certain routes)

Pase Flex

This service can be acquired with at least 4 hour anticipating your flight departure at a special price through our call center or VivaTiendas, or either 4 hours before and 4 hours after your flight departure with a regular price, at our Vivatiendas located inside the airport or through the call center.

Flexi Pass apply only for the segment and passenger where you acquire this service, in case of need both sections, the passenger must make a payment per passenger, each way.

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