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Answers within 72 working hours.

At Viva Aerobus, one of our priorities is the prompt attention given to our clients; therefore we developed an Initial Answer Guarantee, which consists in giving our clients a first response within a period of 72 (seventy two) working hours from one of our official digital channels whether it is through Facebook, Twitter or the Client Service Portal.

Terms and Conditions of the Viva Answer Guarantee

1) The Viva Answer Guarantee is valid only for questions, complaints or suggestions made by our Clients through:1) Client Service Portal (; 2) private messages (inbox) through our official Facebook web page (; 3) through an e-mail; and 4) direct messages CM") through our accounts on Twitter @VivaAerobus and @VivaTeEscucha the "Contact Channels").

2) The Viva Answer Guarantee shall not apply For questions, complaints or suggestions to Viva Aerobus such as weather, protests, earthquakes, closing of airport(s), commercial partners, airport screens, etc.

3) The Viva Answer Guarantee shall only apply to the first contact the Client makes through the Contact Channels. The only Contact Channel that will be taken into consideration shall be the first one that the Client makes.

4) Once the Client has made a first contact Viva Aerobus shall send a receiving message through the First Contact Channel used by the Client where it will be stated that the question, complaint or suggestion is being reviewed.

5) If the Client does not receive a return receipt from Viva Answer Guarantee within the next 72 (seventy two) working hours as of the Clients First contact, the Client shall have a 24 (twenty four) hour term, once the 72 (seventy two) hour term has ended, to make the Viva Answer Guarantee valid (see Procedure of Validation). IF the Client does not contact Viva Aerobus within the terms stated here in then the Viva Answer Guarantee shall not be valid. The answers from Viva Aerobus that have a number request (Ticket) are NOT considered a return receipt.

6) In the event the Client carries out all the Validation Process within the terms and periods stated here in, Viva Aerobus shall grant the Client a Flight Certificate for the amount of $400.00 (Four hundred Pesos 00/100 Mex. Cy.). The Flight Certificate shall be subject to our Terms and Conditions.

7) In case there is more than one Passenger per reservation code, the Viva Answer Guarantee shall only apply to the First Passenger that contacts Viva Aerobus, in the understanding that the rest of the passengers in that reservation may not make the Viva Answer Guarantee valid.

8) Viva Answer Guarantee is not valid in interaction dynamics where Viva Aerobus offers prizes to their Clients.

9) The Client that sends their questions, complaints or suggestions through social networks shall be Followers form the Viva Aerobus account where the question complaint or suggestion was made.

10) The questions, complaints or suggestions regarding courtesy shall be excluded from the Viva Answer Guarantee.

11) Viva Answer Guarantee shall not be applied if the messages are considered SPAM.

12) Viva Answer Guarantee shall not be valid if aggressive or inappropriate language is used.


To claim against the Viva Answer Guarantee simply follow the directions below:
Once the 72 (seventy two) hour warrantied term has passed, please send an e-mail to stating in the subject Viva Answer Guarantee, including in the text the Following wording:

"I did not receive through (State the Contact Channel)"

Date of the first Contact:
Full name:
Reservation code, if applicable:

Viva Aerobus will review its Facebook, Twitter, Portal or mail accounts history in order to see if the Client Fulfills the requirements needed to make the Viva Answer Guarantee valid.

If the request fulfills all the conditions, Viva Aerobus shall send the Client in a term no longer than 48 (Forty eight) working hours the Flight Certificate to the e-mail given by the Client.

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