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About VivaAerobus


We are the only airline in the market with a real low-cost model, that offers up to 50% lower fares than our competitors and at the same time, very similar to those of buses.

In we have made it our mission to provide a quality service in all our routes and destinations. We are not only looking to carry passengers to their destinations, but to make dreams come true, bring families together, close business deals, etc, this is why, in collaboration with our staff and clients, we have created one great family.

Not only do we devote our daily work to serve our passengers, but we enjoy doing it. Our employees are our most important asset, and we recognize the importance of making work fun, which results in a constant and continuous effort to provide our passengers with the best flight experience.


The combined experience of Grupo IAMSA y Irelandia created, operating our first flights in November 2006.

Grupo IAMSA is Mexico’s leading company in the bus transportation market. Its modern 11,000 bus fleet provides travel to more than 350 million passengers each year. It operates in 22 Mexican states, a scope of over 83.4% of the population. It is integrated by Grupo Flecha Amarilla and Grupo Toluca. Some of its well-known brands are ETN, Omnibus de México, TAP and PLUS. Grupo IAMSA employs more than 24,000 people.

Irelandia is the investment vehicle of the Ryan family, the founders of Ryan air, the largest low-cost airline in Europe. Irelandia is one of the worldwide leaders in the development of low-cost airlines. They are also investors in companies such as Tiger Airways in Singapore, Allegiant Airlines in US, and recently started up our sister company vivaColombia in Colombia.

Irelandia Aviation is the world’s premier low cost carrier (LCC) developer, which shapes the LCC opportunity, invests behind it and works intensively with management, partners and investors to make it a success. Through the Ryan family, it pioneered the LCC model in Europe and is now replicating its model around the world. It has developed 5 LCCs so far– Ryanair in Europe, Tiger Airways in Asia, Allegiant in the USA, VivaAerobus in Mexico and VivaColombia in Colombia. It is actively involved in identifying new opportunities to create new airlines or re-engineer airlines and welcome interest from parties that would like to collaborate. operates the newest fleet in Mexico, offering a range of domestic and international flights that provide the greatest quality, comfort as well as meeting high international security standards, whilst offering the lowest fares in the market.


Low cost / Trust / Respect / Collaboration /
Effective Communication / Continuous Improvement / Fun


Be the airline for
all the people of Mexico.


Always be safe and reliable while offering the lowest fares.


  • Only Mexican airline to offer a low-cost model.
  • Guarantee the most affordable prices in the market.
  • Save time by travelling on our non-stop flights.
  • Pay only for additional services.
  • Easy to navigate and user-friendly website.
  • Weekly deals throughout the year.