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Our new checked-in baggage policy is designed to provide our passengers with more flexibility, and even better value for money. Changes have been made to allow passengers to pre-purchase smaller baggage increments, giving more choice to travel the way you want to. We have also removed a number or restrictions, allowing all fare types to pre-purchase additional baggage and to add additional baggage after commencement of journey.

Summary of changes:

1. Passengers can now purchase checked-in baggage with the VivaLight fare.

2. We have added a new 20 KG checked-in baggage increment for purchase (15, 20, 25 and 32 KGs).

3. Passengers can now pre-purchase checked-in bags anytime during journey (up to four hours prior to departure).

4. New baggage pricing structure for Domestic, and International routes.

1.1 Passengers travelling on VivaLight fares now have the option to add baggage, either before or during their journey. This can be done during the reservation process, or anytime up to four hours prior to the flight departure. VivaLight passengers who wish to check in baggage, but have not pre-purchase a checked-in baggage allowance, remain subject to our excess baggage fee of $100MXN per KG, payable at the airport.

2.1 We have introduced a new 20 KG baggage increment for purchase. Passengers travelling on VivaBasic fares now have the option to increase their checked in baggage from 15 – 20, 25 or 32 KGs. Passengers travelling on any fare type can now add additional checked-in bags in weight increments of either 15, 20, 25 or 32 KGs.

3.1 Passengers are now able to pre-purchase checked-in baggage after commencement of journey, up to four hours prior to departure of the following sector. The fee for adding baggage after commencement of journey will be charged by sector. Pre-purchased baggage at time of booking remains charged on a round-trip basis.

4.1 Changes have been made to the way we price checked-in baggage. Pricing now includes both Domestic, and International rates. Please refer to the table attached for details of new pricing structure. Passengers with confirmed reservation, prior to the effective date, are not subject to new pricing schedule. Changes to existing bookings and new booking will be subject to new pricing schedule.

Domestic Routes:

International Routes:

Effective 24 September 2014, for all new booking and baggage changes.

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