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Headquartered in Monterrey, NL. VivaAerobus, is the low-cost airline of Mexico. We started operations in November 2006 after being created with the combined experience Irelandia and IAMSA. We operate a fleet of 16 Boeing 737-300 and four Airbus A320 aircraft on 49 domestic routes, and 5 in the United States. In 2013 we announced the purchase order for 52 Airbus A320 aircraft, the largest order placed with Airbus in Latin America.

We have a leadership position that provides transportation point-to-point affordable area, mainly in Mexico prices. We have the lowest cost base among airlines in America. We place special emphasis on simplicity and profitability of our operations, based on a business model successfully developed by other low-cost carriers. We obtain our main advantage of our low cost structure and unbundled to stimulate demand for flights to provide the lowest rates in Mexico average based services, becoming up to 50% cheaper than the competition and comparable to bus fares.

IAMSA Group is the leader in Mexico in passenger transport services by bus, has a modern fleet of 11,000 buses, which carry more than 350 million passengers per year. Operates in 22 states of Mexico, with a range of more than 83.4% of the population. It consists of Grupo Flecha Amarilla and Toluca Group, some of the most recognized brands are ETN, Omnibus de Mexico, TAP and Primera Plus. Over 24,000 people work in IAMSA Group.

Irelandia is the developer in the world of low-cost carriers par excellence. He has distinguished himself by shaping opportunities, invest in them and work intensively with his leadership, partners and investors to make it a success. Through the Ryan family, has pioneered the low-cost model in Europe and now replicated worldwide. He has developed low-cost airlines such as Ryanair in Europe, Asia Tiger Airways, Allegiant United States, VivaAerobus in Mexico and more recently expanding with VivaColombia Viva brand in Colombia. He is actively involved in identifying opportunities to create new or rebuild existing airlines and welcome interest groups who wish to collaborate.

Our strategic relationship with IAMSA Group allows us to offer transportation options to their customers, providing a distribution channel to attract unsurpassed bus passengers who wish to take the air, being pioneers in the model and "Bus to Air" (from bus tickets) .group IAMSA offers travelers wanting to purchase bus tickets at the bus stations, the alternative, if any, to purchase plane tickets.

Our corporate culture is characterized by its dynamism, innovation, opportunism, adaptability and focus on profitability. We strive to increase our profitability by developing innovative products and ongoing evaluation of our services to improve operations and reduce costs. We encourage open communication, which encourages the development of a dynamic work environment and decision making.

Being the airline for all the people of Mexico.

Always be safe and reliable, offering the lowest prices.

Low cost / Trust / Respect / Collaboration /
Effective communication / Continuous Improvement / Fun