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VivaAerobus starts operations of its new Airbus A320.

Published Thursday, March 13, 2014
  • The first Airbus A320s of VivaAerobus begin operations.

  • By 2016 VivaAerobus would have renovated its entire fleet to a complete Airbus A320 fleet.

  • This is an important step on the airline’s growth strategy based on cost and fare reductions.


Cancún, Quintana Roo, March 13, 2014.- VivaAerobus, Mexico’s ultra low cost carrier, is pleased to announce the entry into service of its first Airbus A320s, a fact that marks a before and after in the airline’s history.

The past month of October the airline and European manufacturer Airbus announced the purchase agreement of 52 Airbus A320 aircraft, 40 A320 NEOs (New Engine Option) and 12 A320 CEOs (Current Engine Option), a historic deal being the largest purchase order to Airbus in Latin America. Today VivaAerobus gives one step further in the accomplishment of this achievement.

It will be during the next six years that the 52 aircraft acquisition will be completed. During 2014 the airline will be receiving five, of which two were incorporated on February and started their first commercial flights on April.

“We are really proud to announce that our first A320 CEOs are already operating. In less than a month we have been able to see how our passengers that have had the opportunity to fly on an A320 are genuinely surprised with the comfort and reliability it offers. Plus, we are beginning to perceive the benefits the A320 offers in term of fuel and costs”, says Juan Carlos Zuazua, CEO.

“These first five aircraft will help us reach a growth of over 10% for 2014 due to an increase of 22% in capacity compared with current aircraft VivaAerobus flies (180 seats vs 148 seats), which is equivalent to 32 additional seats. The first of our hubs to transition to the new fleet is Cancun, which will have four A320s based by July 2014”, he adds.

The routes these aircraft will cover on this first stage are: Cancun – Mexico City, Cancun – Monterrey, Cancun – Veracruz, Cancun – Tuxtla Gutiérrez,  Cancun – Reynosa, Cancun – Torreón, Mexico City – Reynosa and Monterrey – Mazatlán.

“It’s worth noticing this growth will be followed by important benefits the A320 offers thanks to its cutting edge technology, starting with fuel reductions of up to 30% vs our actual model, the 737 – 300, which will help us reduce our costs even more and hence our fares, benefiting our passengers who will pay even less”, continues Zuazua.

Besides this, the A320 will help VivaAerobus improve its reliability, punctuality and overall passenger experience thanks to the A320 family cabin, designed to guarantee comfort and a high level of flexibility. The bigger size and shape of the cabin increases considerably the capacity of its bins, which contributes to faster turn – around times, essential in the operation of a low cost airline.

The Airbus A320 arrival backs VivaAerobus’ growth strategy by increasing the cost per seat advantage it currently possesses over its competitors.

By 2015 VivaAerobus will be receiving nine more A320s, four of which will be brand new and reaching 14 A320 in its fleet; by 2016 the fleet transition will be concluded, substituting all Boeing 737 – 300s by Airbus A320s.

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