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VivaAerobus places 1 billion peso Senior Trust Bonds in Mexican market

Published Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mexico City, February 4, 2015.-VivaAerobus is pleased to announce that it has successfully placed 1 billion in peso-denominated senior trust bonds (CEBURS) in the Mexican stock exchange through an issuing trust.

  • Mexican airline VivaAerobus issues MXN1 billion in senior trust bonds through an issuing trust.
  • This is VivaAerobus’ first issuance of Senior Trust Bonds.

This initial transaction, rated “AA (E )” by HR Ratings, is part of a Senior Trust Bonds Program on behalf of an issuing trust that will receive the committed cash flows derived from credit and debit card sales.

The CEBURS (Ticker Symbol: VIVACB 15) have a validity of 1,816 days with an interest rate equivalent to TIIE28 + 220 basis points.

The payment source for the CEBURS is the collection rights backed by credit and debit card flows derived from ticket and additional services sales of the airline. The CEBURS do not have a guarantee from VivaAerobus.

The airline reminds the financial public that according to a release issued by HR Ratings, the HR AA rating, received after a thorough evaluation of VivaAerobus’ financial and operative performance and the issuance credit quality means that “the issuance has high credit quality and offers great security for debt timely obligation payments.

Proceeds from this issuance will be used for restructuring liabilities and general corporate purposes.

Actinver Casa de Bolsa acted as VivaAerobus’ book-runner.

Based in Monterrey, NL, Mexico, VivaAerobus started operations on November 2006 being created with the combined expertise of IAMSA and Irelandia. It operates a 15 Boeing 737-300 and 5 Airbus A320 aircraft fleet in 50 domestic routes and 5 in the United States.

IAMSA is Mexico’s leading company of ground transportation services. It operates a fleet of 11 thousand buses in 22 states and transports over 300 million passengers a year, reaching over 70% of the population. It employs over 24 thousand people.

Irelandia, is the investment vehicle of the Ryan family, founders of Ryanair, the largest and most successful low cost airline in Europe. Irelandia is the leader in the development of low cost airlines around the world. It has also invested in other airlines such as Tiger Airways in Singapore, Allegiant in the United States and expanding the Viva brand with VivaColombia in Colombia.

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