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Grupo Viva Aerobus increased by 23% its operating revenue in 2017

Published Thursday, February 22, 2018

Mexico City, February 22, 2018.- Grupo Viva Aerobus, holding company of Viva Aerobus, Mexico's ultra-low-cost airline, reported a 23% increase in its annual operating revenue regarding 2017, reaching $ 7,666 million pesos compared to $6,215 million pesos achieved in 2016.

During 2017, more than 8.1 million passengers were transported, an increase of 29% compared to 2016 and a load factor of 90%. Additionally, throughout 2017, Viva Aerobus opened 23 new routes, closing the year with 88 routes to 37 differ-ent destinations. These results were driven by the preference of the travelers giv-en the attractiveness of the most competitive prices in the market and its strategy of constant expansion.

Moreover, Viva Aerobus reported a growth of 22% in passenger traffic during the 4Q2017 compared to the 4Q2016, having transported more than 2.2 million pas-sengers with a load factor of 90%. This resulted in an increase of 18% in its total operating revenue in the 4Q2017 with a total of $ 2,180 million pesos compared to the total of $1,849 million pesos reported in the 4Q2016.

Additionally, in its earnings report corresponding to 2017 and to the 4Q2017, Grupo Viva Aerobus shows the following:

On the annual results of 2017

On the results of the fourth quarter 2017

"We will continue working relentlessly to achieve the highest operational efficien-cy and provide an over-the-top service to our customers. Thanks to the trust that Mexican travelers placed on us, I am confident that we will continue to make pro-gress in achieving one of our main objectives: to transform Viva Aerobus into the lowest cost, most preferred, enjoyable and profitable airline in the Americas", mentioned Gian Carlo Nucci, general director of Grupo Viva Aerobus and Grupo IAMSA.

About Grupo Viva Aerobus

It is the holding of several companies, including the airline Viva Aerobus.

About Viva Aerobus

Viva Aerobus is Mexico's low-cost airline. It started operations in 2006 and today operates the youngest Latin American fleet with 23 Airbus A320, including two A320neo, in 88 routes to 37 destinations. With a clear vision to give all people the opportunity to fly, Viva Aerobus has de-mocratized the airline industry with the lowest rates in México and the lowest costs in Latin America, making their flights the best value offer.

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