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Viva Aerobus will arrive to Durango from Monterrey for the first time

Published Thursday, June 14, 2018

Mexico City; June 14, 2018. -Viva Aerobus, Mexico's ultra-low-cost airline, announces its new route Monterrey-Durango. Tickets for this new route, which begins operations on October 3rd, are already on sale starting from $898 pesos. Viva Aerobus will fly to this destination nonstop with two weekly flights.

With the arrival of Viva Aerobus to Durango, this destination will enjoy greater connectivity as a result of the real low-cost alternative offered by the airline, thus promoting an increase in passenger traffic by offering tickets accessible to everyone. Therefore, the economic spill in the city and its regional development will be benefitted.

"Thanks to the coordination with the state government and the Secretary of Tourism and Cinematography of the state, we are new allies, providing greater connectivity so that more travelers can visit Durango as a tourist destination and with accessible rates; and this is only the beginning", mentioned Dr. Jose Rosas Aispuro Torres, Governor of Durango.

"With this new route we reinforce our role as key allies of the stimulus to trade, the increase in business opportunities and national tourism. This generates a boost in the economic development of the country and Viva Aerobus, as proud ambassador of Mexico, consolidates, once again, its commitment to national connectivity at the best price", mentioned Juan Carlos Zuazua, CEO of Viva Aerobus.

“This new route allows us to strengthen our position as the operator with more destinations from Monterrey, offering 29 destinations, 2 of them international. This leadership is supported by the growing preference of travelers, having increased by 19% the number of passengers to and from the International Airport of Monterrey in the first four months of the year, compared to the same period of 2017.

Viva Aerobus achieved an overall growth of 25% in the period January-May 2018 compared to 2017, having transported more than 3.7 million passengers. This upward trend, in terms of passenger preference, is a constant in its entire route network.

As part of its commitment to address this growing preference and passengers’ confidence, Viva Aerobus has already announced 11 new routes that begin operations this year, reaching a total of 91 routes to 38 different destinations. Likewise, the airline has increased its capacity, measured in available seats, by 23% in the period January-May 2018 compared to the same period of 2017.

Passengers can buy their tickets on the official website of Viva Aerobus: in VivaTiendas, calling the Call Center 0181 82 150 150 or at any point of sale of Grupo IAMSA such as on Omnibus de México, ETN, Primera Plus, Costa Line, TMT Caminante, La Línea and Autovías.

About Viva Aerobus

Viva Aerobus Viva Aerobus is Mexico's low-cost airline. It started operations in 2006 and today operates the youngest Latin American fleet with 25 Airbus A320, including two A320neo on 91 routes and 39 different destinations. With a clear vision to give all people the opportunity to fly, Viva Aerobus has democratized the airline industry with the lowest rates in México and the lowest costs in Latin America, making their flights the best value offer.

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