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Lower prices

Sign-up with your account and get the lower price to fly in all our destinations.

Easy purchase

Book your flights with your user and password easily, safely and quickly.

Exclusive promotions

Get exclusive offers on all our domestic and international flights.

A smart investment, with every discount that you will get, you don't need to worry about the pay of your membership, because it pays for itself when you purchase the second round trip with Viva Aerobus.

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Get exclusive benefits

You can save up to MXN $400 for every round trip flying with Viva Smart, up to MXN $300 with Viva Basico or up to MXN $200 with Viva Light.

Access to incredible promotions

With your Viva Fan membership, only you can get our special promotions and receive many discounts on all our flights.

Improve your travel experience

When you enter to our website, you can create a profile with your information to make your purchases easily and quickly in a few clicks.

Recover your investment quickly

In your second round trip, you can verify how your money returns, thanks to our deals, discounts, and promotions in every flight.

Take advantage of our launch price!
MXN 550 a year.

Frequently asked questions

Discover all the details of your membership to make the most of it

  • Where can I get the membership?
  • In our website, at the time of your purchase or through this page. Check all the applicable fees and charges.
  • Can I change the membership holder?
  • No, before finalizing your registration, be sure to enter the name of the membership holder correctly. Only we can make a few small corrections, like grammar mistakes, during the first 24 hours through our Customer Service.
  • Can some one else use my membership?
  • Viva Fan membership is unique and non-transferable. For this reason, nobody can use your Viva Fan. We will recommend you purchase more Viva Fan's membership for your friends and family.
  • How can I find cheap flights?
  • Log in to our web site with your Viva Fan account, to display our exclusive discounts on national and international flights. Only you need to select the Viva Fan price.
  • When does the membership end?
  • For a year from the day of your purchase. To continue use, at the end of the availability year you need to apply to renewal.

For further information, please view our terms and conditions as well.

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