Viva Aerobus is Mexico’s green airline

At Viva Aerobus, we are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint and taking care of the environment. Find out more about our main actions, our environmental culture, and the goals we have set to achieve a greener future.

These three main actions make us the greenest airline in Mexico:


Cultura ambiental

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‘‘Environmental culture’’


Fewer CO2 emissions:

Due to our high load factor, and large number of passengers in the cabin (186 and 240), we are the airline that emits the lowest amount of CO2 emissions per passenger. This means that we are able to achieve lower fuel consumption, by transporting the largest number of passengers per flight.

By 2025, we are committed to achieving the following goal:


of CO2 emissions per passenger

*85% load factor projection


Our engine efficiency:

We are the airline with the newest fleet in all of Mexico. Each aircraft is on average, 3.6 years old.

Our fleet of 43 aircraft is partially made up of neo, which are equipped with fuel-efficient technology and have lower noise emissions. Viva will add 40 aircraft to its fleet between 2020 and 2026.


The majority of our routes are from point A to point B:

Most of our flights are direct and non-stop, which help avoid excessive fuel use and CO2 emissions.

We use the most efficient aircraft based on the route length, in order to optimize operations and the use of resources.


And this year...

In July of 2020, we received our first , the first of its kind in Latin America, which reinforces our commitment with the environment:

  • More efficient and powerful engines
  • A larger cabin capacity (240 passengers), to help further reduce CO2 emissions per passenger
  • 15% reduction in fuel consumption
  • 50% reduction in NOx* (nitrogen oxide)
  • Reduction in noise emissions*

*vs. previous versions of A320


In order to become Mexico’s green airline, we have implemented actions to better our fuel efficiency, aid in operation optimization, and ensure the commitment of all areas involved.

Continuous improvement

  • Carefully selecting the best alternate airports.
  • Use of paperless aircraft manuals.
  • Use of electric ground power.
  • Aircraft allocation according to best efficiency.

Ongoing training

  • Pilot training focusing on ways to optimize fuel consumption.

Operational Efficiency

  • Optimization of air routes to reduce travel distance.
  • Flight plan optimization.
  • Use of shorter air routes.



Our Commitment

  • Our 2,000 employees live day-by-day, incorporating a low-cost-culture, with a constant focus on our customers.

“Being Green” is part of who we are, and we apply it in our lives following these principles:

  • Ongoing courses on sustainability practices.
  • Training on fuel-efficiency for our crew.
  • Sustainable practices in our offices.
  • Participating in green efforts and volunteering.
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Recycling on board


We are the only airline to separate waste on board and recycle using guidelines set by ECOCE. Learn more

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Support for NGOs

Reforestamos México

Soon, we will be working with Reforestamos México to stop deforestation and increase the sustainable management of forests. Learn more

Combat CO2

With a donation through our website, you can help reduce your carbon footprint.

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Learn about our top 10 green actions



Stayed tuned for more on our ongoing commitments!

Being the



Learn more about our

‘’Environmental culture’’